They say that the secret of longevity is a healthy diet, regular exercise, positive thinking, and love that gives and receives. Today we present two amazing ladies who will soon turn 100 years. It’s one thing to reach the incredible age of 100 by yourself, but something else entirely to get there with your twin sister by your side.

It Pinjanon Pontius and Maria Paulina Pinjanto Pandolfi. They are Brazilian and sisters.

Preparations for the festival are already underway, and the amazing ladies already recorded photoshoot. The project is the work of photographer Camilla Lima. She found out about them and decided to make a surprise birthday present.

“I had never met anyone 100-years-old, let alone twins!” Lima told Good Housekeeping. “I got in touch with their family and offered the photo shoot as a gift. We were all excited, and they put on beautiful dresses, did their hair and came to the capital to take the pictures.”

Between them, the sisters have 11 children, 31 grandchildren, and 23 great-grandchildren. That’s a lot of names to remember! 100-year-old Twins Sisters From Brazil

100-year-old Twins Sisters From Brazil

Smiling, positive, girls with colorful dresses that are fun, with flower wreaths in their hair and a love cake.

A project that reminds us to appreciate every moment of our life.

Image credit: Camila Lima/Facebook.