Bus Driver Rescues Six-Month-Old baby From Kidnapper

Bus drivers are trained to handle a variety of emergency situations, but one San Fransisco driver is being hailed a hero for what he did when he noticed a suspicious rider holding a six-month-old baby.

This past Sunday morning, one dad put his six-month-old daughter in her car seat in the family’s parked car and then stepped a few feet away for just a moment to prepare a bottle for her. But that moment was just long enough for a woman walking by to grab the baby and then get on a bus.“I think she saw an opportunity and took the baby,” said Lt. Martha Juarez from the San Fransisco Police Department. The family immediately called 911 to report the kidnapping, and the police put out a city-wide alert for a woman carrying a small baby. Thankfully a Muni bus driver had heard the alert and stopped to wait for police when he saw a woman that seemed to fit the description. 

Photo by Fox News
Photo by Fox News

“This is a very rare situation,” SFMTA Spokesperson Paul Rose said about the incident. “Our operators are trained to respond to emergency situations like these and these operators did just that,” Paul added. Thanks to the bus driver’s help, police were able to locate the suspect and baby within just 30 minutes.

“Everybody got involved, this was a big deal,” said SFPD Lt. Martha Juarez. “That one second one minute that baby can be gone, you have to keep an eye on your children,” she added. 

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source: http://www.lifedaily.com/