“Donald Trump LIES All The TIME, so STUPID!”

Joe Scarborough RAGES At The Trump Administration

DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY! This is what is real. This is what WE Americans STAND FOR! This is NOT a “partisan” issue. This is a National Security Issue! This is a Human Rights Issue! Taking Care of Each Other – especially the elderly and children in poor families, THIS is the AMERICAN WAY. We Care For Our Own – we don’t throw them to the wolves to fend for themselves. WAKE UP, PEOPLE !!!!! We are losing our Constitutional Rights one by one under this fake administration and the liar of a leader. 

I have never seen anything like this in my life. The right wing is really sick and they are infecting the whole country with their sickness. Watch the VIDEO what this man said!!!


OMG, this video is unbelievable…