How to lose weight according to your Zodiac sign? Do you need to give more or less effort when you want to lose some weight? According to your horoscope, find out if you are among those who can do it easily or you have to make some effort:  


The members of this sign begin with a lot of enthusiasm in the first week, but if the scale does not quickly show the desired results, they are ready to give up. They have the do yo-yo effect all the time. The best diet for them is to eat fewer meals but 5-6 times daily.They don’t want to exercise, but they need to. Grapefruit and green tea are very useful for their body. Because they love sweets,they should not drop them, they need to eat a healthy sweet snack.

Tip: Eat food slowly,use green tea every day and avoid alcoholic beverages.


The members of this sign need more time to go on a diet. However, once they have enough will, persistence and lose weight slowly but surely. It’s recommended eating more apples and spices like curry and chili that will enhance their slow metabolism. Cereal and yogurt are a great choice for breakfast, and sweets should be avoided.Dieting is a real torture for them and cooking – a pleasure.

Tip: Do not overdo the sweets. Try to replace them with good fruit.


Geminis are able to not eat anything all day, but to eat at night three hours without stopping. They, like Aries, you should consume more healthy snacks and to replace coffee with tea. It is important to eat vegetables.

Tip: Avoid intake of large quantities of alcohol and fatty food because of stomach problems.


Members of this horoscope sign usually like to cook and eat, they found diet difficult. Love fast food, which should be avoided. The have a chronic lack of vitamins in the organism, so you need to compensate with fruit, especially apples, tangerines, and oranges. White bread does not suit for them.If you decide to diet, the important thing is to be persistent in the first days, because you’ll be under stress. The problem is that they often use food as a comfort.

Tip: Control your appetite,especially when you are nervous


Lions wants fast food and drinks.They don’t have problems with their weight.Fortunately, they are one of the signs that have a fast metabolism, so usually it is enough to start only with light exercises.

Tip: consume nuts and water. 


Virgins are very disciplined if they have overweight. Everything they will achieve fast, they will starve if its need to. They don’t like processed meat and meals that are prepared with fat. Their secret is great home cooked food with fewer fats.

Tip: they need walking and exercises


Members of this sign are one of those they fall when are on diets. Do not want restrictions, testing character or starvation. Thus, when the diet the first day is very hard.But exercising with friends or dieting together is something they need.

Tip: In the menu, they should introduce more yogurt, fish, rice, and soup.


Scorpions are rarely on a diet, but if they perfectly adhere. Generally very committed to work and various tasks, so they skip meals in the first part of the day, and is the biggest mistake. If you they are on diet necessarily need to eat breakfast and other meals which consist larger amounts of celery, broccoli, and cereals.

Tip: Also, an excellent choice for them is the lean cheese. Avoid alcohol


Sagittarius is a horoscope sign that doesn’t love diets. Always they have some kilograms more… They can’t resist to candy, sweets, and fast food… But if they are on a diet, they must consume more vegetables and salads, garlic and vitamin C

Tip: to exercise and go to bed early


They are very disciplined. They are choosing the menu themselves and the appropriate time for a diet. The issue for them of ideal weight primarily means health, and preferably in their diet to bring vegetable soups, tuna, and fresh vegetables.They can afford and something sweet, but occasionally.

Tip: Their enemies are pasta and sauces.


Aquarian has no problems with diets, but there are rules for eating that should be followed. They do not want planning, grocery shopping, and food combining. Most important for them is the choice of food, to reject everything that caloric. This is especially true for chips and alcohol in which they enjoy. Tip: avoid fried chips and

Tip: avoid fried chips and alcohol 


Pisces are prone to overeating and obesity, and the best way to start is a detoxification diet with herbs, vegetables, fruits and clean meat. After seven days of cleansing the body of toxins, preferably gradually and in small quantities, they can introduce carbohydrates in their menu. In diets, they hard fall, and easiest way is when they have company in their diet when someone constantly is encouraging them. They are the only horoscope sign that gives much more attention to appearance than to the taste of food.

Tip: You can do dieting alone,try is not hard

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