Incredible: Gymnastics 2-years-old BABY Arat potential Winner of The OLYMPIC GAMES

Incredible: Gymnastics 2-years-old BABY Arat IS Winner of The OLYMPIC GAMES

  Incredible Gymnastics 2-years-old Wonder Baby Arat Hosseini from Iran

Meet the gymnastics 2-year-old wonder boy from Iran who performs balancing splits on TVs and climbs brick walls aged just TWO.  ( Watch the  VIDEO below )   

Arat Hosseini, 2, is already able to perform complicated gymnastics moves. He began practicing gymnastics poses when he was just 9 months old. He started to walk at 6 months.
The Iranian toddler has already amassed 18,000 followers on Instagram.
Father hopes his son will one day become ‘unattainable’ in the gymnastic sport   

Backward somersaults, balancing splits and walkovers – even the most popular sportists have not accomplished these moves in gymnasts.
Arat has been perfecting his technique for more than half his life – and the Iranian toddler is taking social media by storm with his amazing stunts and flexibility.
Arat father says: ‘At that time I noticed the strength and power Arat had, I was very surprised. Arat’s favorite trick is performing a backward somersault.He is very playful and he does about 20 minutes of exercise a day.”
“All the videos on our Instagram page show the first or second time he has performed a trick.”
‘Usually, he can do it easily after 10 minutes of practice.’ – says Arat’s father.
Arat has perfected yoga poses such as balancing splits, as well as more traditional gymnastic moves like backward walkovers and somersaults.
Many of his stunts are filmed in bizarre locations in the family’s home in Babol in the Mazandaran Province and show him balancing on top of televisions, kitchen counters, and stairs or climbing up walls. We wish him good luck with his training and we hope someday he will be a big gymnastic star.

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