Being pregnant is beautiful. One can sense life in itself, and all women radiate and shine from the inside out. Oh, is not that wonderful? And … do you already know if you want to breast-feed? Is the nursery already finished? What will he or she be called? 

All the things you just can not hear as pregnant. And there are a few more that probably all pregnant women knows too well.

Madness, but you look little bit fat! Pregnancy is yours!

Thanks, this is really a nice description to call me bold. Of course, that’s because everyone likes to be fat! Thanks but also, I have not seen my feet for a month. It is hard for me to get up from the couch and from the car. I constantly run to the toilet. Of course “stands” me the fat be totally, thank you. Take 15 kg, is just totally the trend.

You should not eat / drink as pregnant

So, as long as I do not drink alcohol, smoke, or eat raw food like meat or eggs, I can really eat anything. And if I want to eat a week of fast food and chocolate, I do it. I’d rather have your healthy diet. Healthy eating is important not only for pregnant women. My extra kilos come from pregnancy, where do you come from?

As a pregnant woman you should not do that ..!?

Yes, I actually have a serious illness and should generally stay in bed. People, now honestly, I am pregnant and not sick. There is hardly anything I can not do. Especially not at the beginning of pregnancy. And besides … I’m pregnant and not you. I know best what I can and can not.

This is determined by the hormones!

Not everything comes from the hormones. Just remember how I was before my pregnancy and how I behaved. How often have I have been normal? You see, probably not so much less. Not all are the hormones in the pregnant women! And you know what? It’s unbelievable to hear that. Over and over again. No to me and my hormones is good, we understand each other well. Maybe you’re just the problem. 

Was it wanted or an accident?

So the only accident was probably this question. A child is never an accident. If you are so curious and want to put your nose in strange affairs, please ask a bit more politely. “And it was already planned at this time” would be much better. You always grab me with velvet gloves and now you have lost your sensibility?

For real..? You like the name?

Yes, otherwise we would not think about it. Keep your opinions on the name please for you. It always knows someone who can not stand. We have to choose the name and not her. If I had not thought times ..

Can I touch your belly? (Or just do it)

No! If I wanted to, I would offer it. It is really one of the worst questions and annoying at all. For the question makes it almost impossible to say no.

“Can I touch your belly?” – “No”. Sounds funny or? So please do not ask. And even worse is not to ask – and above all to be surprised when one is hit on the fingers. Just because you are pregnant, you will not automatically become an object that you can touch! By the way, it is also rude to simply touch strange babies or toddlers just because they can not complain about it. Let it be, and here you are also meant, dear alien Omis.

Sleep as long as you can, you can not do it for a long time – definitely!

Oh dear people who have no children, just keep quiet. Parents, would never say such a thing because they just know how different children are. Some sleep through and let you sleep, some waken you constantly. But here there is no definite. Be silent rather than ignorant!

Especially since you were probably never pregnant and do not know that even the baby in the belly prepares us for the long nights and keeps us awake all the time. His resting phases are most when we are awake, and we want to sleep is played.

So, and how should I now “before” sleep and use the time? (If you have received a great explanation, please be sure to pass it on to the newspaper, so that the rest of the world of pregnant women can benefit from it) 

Do you know such annoying sayings? Then write us in the comments!